CellTracker is a flexible, multilingual database specifically built to manage today's complex roll-out projects. CellTracker is totally configurable to your data model and your processes.

You can now take complete control of your project from Site Acquisition right through to Go-Live and Customer Care.

With interfaces to industry standard Radio and Network Planning tools CellTracker covers every aspect of managing a modern roll-out program anywhere in the world.

With over 250 installations in 50 countries it has been used for the successful deployment of more than 1,000,000 Base-Stations; mobile and broadband; 2G, 3G and UMTS and beyond.

ctNova provides a complete solution including software, Consultancy, Training and Support. Our consultants, who will work with you to install and configure the system, are all CellTracker experts with considerable experience of rollout projects worldwide.

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